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The sauces of the Salsamenteria Giò e Giuà were born from the exchange of letters between two grandparents. A treasure trove of stories, tales and recipes that Giò and Giuà's grandchildren discovered and decided to preserve, giving life to flavours that had almost been lost, and are difficult to find, requiring laborious and time-consuming processing. They taste of home and special occasion lunches. They taste delicious.

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Confezione Ragù Napoletano
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Il Ragù Toscano
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Delicacies made
the way they
were made.

Each sauce is born with the desire to bring authentic and intense flavours to the table and the kitchen, those that were once the stars of Sunday lunches and can now be found in a few homes and restaurants that still do things the way they should be done.

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Pomodori da sughi
Bracciante che raccogli pomodori
Raccolta pomodori
Selezione sughi pomodori

7 sauces, one for each day of the week. In fact, when Giò and Giuà are on the table, it's Sunday again.

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